Grate·ful (pronounced: ɡrātfəl/)
feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.
“I’m very grateful to you for all your help”
synonyms: thankful, appreciative; indebted, obliged, obligated, in someone’s debt, beholden

Have you ever stopped throughout your day and just reminded yourself of all the things you are grateful for? Maybe, you’re like me and you do this often? Maybe, you do this once a week? Either way, I know we can all be grateful for something! Here are a few things I am grateful for:

  • FAMILY – My family is wonderful! They have always been so supportive of my dreams and goals. They have been my rock. My stable foundation when it felt like the world was crumbling beneath me. They say it takes a village to raise a child, they have helped me tremendously with mine! If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now! I cannot thank them enough for all that they’ve done and continue to do.
  • GOD – For blessing me with my wonderful daughter and family, and for also blessing me with this amazing gift I share with the world. For also giving me the strength and courage to continue my journey on this musical path and the obstacles I’ve encountered along the way, they have been lessons learned and made me stronger and wiser. I thank him for the wonderful people and friends I’ve met on this path as well. For taking the wrong people out of my life and putting the right ones in it. And for all of the blessings in disguise!
  • TRUE FRIENDS – They say you’re lucky if within a lifetime you can count on one hand all of the people you consider a true friend. Sometimes the people you grow up around will grow apart from you throughout life. Sometimes they will always be a true friend and sometimes you will meet some of the truest of people later on in life. True friends are the ones you can count on NO MATTER WHAT! I know I have friends I don’t talk to on a regular basis, but if I needed anything they would be here for me in a heartbeat. THAT is a true friend! Not someone who hangs around you for what you can do for them, but someone who doesn’t betray you, doesn’t talk bad about you or put you down in front of others or behind your back. Someone that supports your decisions even if they don’t quite agree with them, they still support you if (whatever it is) makes you happy. They’re always right there to help you pick up the pieces if you fall flat on your face. They’re someone who doesn’t judge you! I’m am so thankful to have friends like this. My circle may be small, and grow smaller by the year, but I guarantee I have the best friends a girl could ask for!
  • FANS/SUPPORTERS – These are people who believe in me! I love each and every single one! Without them, I would be nothing! From the people who have helped me with photo shoots, to my website, booking shows and the ones who download/listen to my music and share it! A lot of artists forget about the impact they have on their career. These so-called “little people” (as the tell me all the time) are the ones who “make you or break you”! I can’t tell you how much that irritates me!! Don’t ever forget who put you on the top! Cherish each and every one of them!
  • FORGIVENESS – This is something I’m very grateful for. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. To be forgiven for a mistake doesn’t always come easily. To give forgiveness is one thing, but to be given it back is just as amazing. Life is too short to hold grudges and burn bridges. I learned that at an early age. If you’re holding onto a grudge now, forgive, and let it float away. I promise you will feel so much better when that weight is lifted!

So, that was my blog for the day. There is something we can all be grateful for on a daily basis. Maybe someone gave you a compliment on your outfit or how well of a job you are doing at work? Maybe they simply just held a door open for you? Pay if forward and give someone else something to be grateful for! You never know who is having a bad day.


New York City

Walking down the streets of New York, you’ll realize how fast paced and unique each city is. So, I’ve returned from my first trip and here are a few things I noticed about each area I visited. (Besides the trash piled up on the sidewalks).


  • Graffiti: everywhere you look there is graffiti. The trash cans, the fire hydrants, the windows, the walls, the doors, the phone booths, the newspaper stands, the wheelchairs and the neighbors dog. At first glance you wonder,”what person would dare  destroy a city like this?” As you continue walking, you realize it’s a part of the city’s culture, more like artwork than vandalism. The people are super nice for the most part and they’re all busy making their mark on this town. (Figuratively and literally) 
  • The Bagel Store: a “MUST TRY” place to go! I tried my first cragel with bacon and cheese, let me tell you it was pretty amazing! If you don’t know what a cragel is, it’s a croissant and bagel twisted and baked together! 
  • Two Door Tavern: another place you must try! They have $5 burger nights on Wednesday which are pretty fantastic!!! My choice was the Bonfire Burger with a Brooklyn Lager and glass of water to go with it! COMPLETE party in your mouth!


  • 5th Avenue!!! Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! If you’re a shopaholic, this is the street you want to be on! If you aren’t a shopaholic, this street will definitely convert you to “The Dark Side”. With stores for every budget! From Forever 21 to the famous Tiffany & Co, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Rolex and many, many more! There’s also a lot of tourists attractions like Freedom Tower (9/11 Memorial), The Empire State Building, The Rockafellar Center, Central Park, etc. Lets not forget about Times Square and Broadway either!! 

There’s just so much to do in New York! This blog could get pretty lengthy if I were to talk about everything I experienced. One of my favorite experiences though would have to be the subway trains. That’s definitely the way to get around in New York! “Stay in the trenches!”, is what they say. Much faster! And you may spot a safety sign or two that will make you laugh. Like my personal favorite,”Poles are for your safety, not your latest dance routine. Hold onto the pole, not our attention. The subway car is no place for showtime.” Haha! Scariest thing I experienced was definitely the Taxi Cabs! OH MY GOD, if you want to scare the bejesus out of your friends, just put them in a Manhattan taxi cab! I’ve never seen so much road rage in one place! 

People also break out in random dance moves on the streets. The conversations between people walking by can also be very amusing. For instance, two chicks walk by and one is saying,”I just don’t understand why he wants to be so discreet…” So I turn to my partner in crime and say,”because she probably isn’t the only female he’s seeing!! Duh!!!!” That OF COURSE inspired a new song idea.

So anyways, that’s a little information on what I noticed while in New York! Oh, one more thing, you MUST go to The High Line in Chelsea….. Very beautiful, especially at sunset. 

Much Love,